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February 18, 2014

Hiring Americans Is Not Hateful Nor Venemous

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I received a really disconcerting email the other day from one of my blog readers. They accused me of focusing “on hateful and venomous aspects of immigration reform.”

Huh?  I have never printed venomous or hateful speech about anybody, I immediately reviewed my posts on the H-1B issue and found neither venom nor hate. All, my issue is that there are many Americans that would be employed if it were not for somebody from somewhere else doing the same work for a lot less. What is hateful and venomous about that?

I can’t blame the employers. If 65,000 people are available to work for less, don’t the employers have to hire them if just to keep themselves from being undercut by their competitors?

I can’t blame the people from overseas because even though they are being paid less than Americans, it is much more than what they would be making in their home country.

I can’t blame the unemployed guy, because he did what he was supposed to do. He was encouraged to study technical subjects because they were the future of the country. He did, but he has been cast aside for an employee that will work for less and never complain for fear of being deported.

Deported?! Allow me to clarify. The way the law is written is if the H-1B visa holder “doesn’t work out” they get to send the person back to where they came from. They H-1B Visa employee isn’t allowed to leave a job with low pay and bad working conditions for better pay or better working conditions. If they leave the employer they are deported immediately. H-1B employees are indentured servants for the length of their visa. This has turned employers into sweatshops where they can work these people to the bone. The price of speaking out against shoddy working conditions or low pay is deportation.

The blame for all of this is the federal government for betraying their own citizens by bringing in 65,000 STEM workers when there are plenty of people here who are more than capable of doing the work. The federal government is discouraging its citizens from pursing STEM fields, by stagnating salaries with cheap labor. Again, what is hateful and venomous about that?

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