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September 1, 2012

JobTabs Job Search & Resume 2012 – Released!

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JobTabs Job Search & Resume 2012 has been released.  While there have been improvements across the board, we really wanted to focus on application speed and handling objects/graphics in the word processor.


Previewing Saved Jobs from the Internet is 10x faster

We reviewed the process and simply decided that we were saving too much.  We eliminated much of the superfluous elements of the web pages and focused on what mattered.  We also moved the process to a separate window so that it can be cancelled at will.  The update messages provided by the window are much more detailed to give you the assurance that things are happening.






The crux of the word processing upgrades were necessary in order for us to implement a new product designed to complement JobTabs.  More on that later.  Suffice it to say that the JobTabs word processor has always worked beautifully, however we added some more functionality that we are going to need as we make JobTabs even more powerful.


Transparent Text Frames

While you could always add text frames to a cover letter or a resume in JobTabs, they had to be inline with the text.  Now then can float above or behind and let the background image text show through entirely or partially.


Background Images

Watermark on resume.


New support for background images allows you to insert a watermark, a CONFIDENTIAL/DRAFT disclaimer or a picture.





Object/Image Support

The JobTabs word processor supports OLE handling, images and many other objects.  We made it easier to size and move them on the fly as well as maintain the aspect ratio as needed.  This was especially important for job seekers who would include a signature graphic with their cover letter.  The signature didn’t look like the real thing.

Prior to the upgrades, a signature couldn’t be placed directly above the typed text without covering it up. After the upgrades, a signature can be placed above the typed text as it would normally be if it has been actually signed by the person.


In closing, a word on updating JobTabs is in order. Before ‘online updates’ went mainstream, software companies would distribute software improvements in bulk via CD or disk.  One could expect lots of bells and whistles with the arrival of each annual upgrade.  That was then, this is now.   JobTabs is distributed over the internet and by CD upon request.  Every time we improve upon JobTabs, we roll it out to our user base immediately.  Why make earnest job seekers wait for a deluge of application upgrades all at once when those upgrades have already been developed?  It makes no sense to us so we roll out new bells and whistles as they are developed.  All registered users of JobTabs get free upgrades for an entire year after their purchase!  This includes all major and minor upgrades.  We look forward to serving you a steady stream of updates for as long as you will permit us to do so.    : -)


John Coffey is the President of JobTabs, LLC.  Through JobTabs Job Search & Resume, thousands of job seekers have taken control of their destiny in finding new and fulfilling careers. JobTabs Job Search & Resume motivates job seekers by making the job search easier by a huge order of magnitude.  John Coffey can be reached via his website at JobTabs Job Search & Resume, by email via jpcoffey at, and by phone at 404-255-0248.


December 21, 2010

Age Discrimination is Over!


Age discrimination is over.

Who's the boss?

There is a steady undercurrent in the job search space about age discrimination.  I believe it.  However, what I don’t believe is that it cannot be overcome. People, it is all about packaging.

Think about it for a moment.  Let’s say someone is 50 years old and has been in the workforce in varying capacities for roughly 30 years.  This person has 30 years from which to draw accomplishments which are relevant to any job posting he applies to.  Take someone who has only been in the workforce for 5 years.  That person only has 5 years from which they can reference relevant accomplishments when applying for a job.  This gives experienced job seekers a huge advantage over less experienced hires.

The key word here is relevant.  What many job seekers fail to grasp is that the likelihood of their next job being an exact match of what they have been doing up to this point is nearly zero.  When applying to a new job, there is invariably going to be some nuance of the job posting that the applicant is going to have to correlate to his experience to date.  Examples could include,

  • Managing other people.
  • Setting goals and a course of action for projects.
  • Working within a budget of varying sizes.
  • Demonstrating some knowledge of government law such as safety, employment, environmental, etc.

Experienced job seekers, if they work hard to chronicle their career to date, would have a much easier time getting under the bar to fulfil what the employer is looking for.  Then there are a host of subjective considerations that the senior job candidate is far more likely qualified.

  • Conflict resolution among individuals, teams or departments.
  • Proactive problem solving.
  • Identifying the chain of command and working within it to get buy in.
  • Generally more likely to be looked to as a leader by subordinates than by someone closer to their own age.

A cornerstone of JobTabs Job Search & Resume success has been its ability to easily manage a large number of resumes for a wide number of job opportunities.   As the experienced job seeker applies to more and more positions, he gradually accumulates more and more supremely tailored resumes for different job descriptions.  Here is the lynch pin . . . . as the experienced job seeker creates more resumes in JobTabs, it becomes easier and easier to create even more refined dead-on resumes for each job they apply to.  The breadth and depth of their experience is pared down to only what is absolutely relevant to the immediate job posting – as it should be!  Creating a copy of a resume that meets 80%  of the requirements and bringing it over 95% becomes incredibly easy!

While the junior candiate has his own advantages, he does not have the experience pool that a 50 something job seeker has.  This is a very touchy subject among many.  If you have any enlightening comments to share with me I would readily welcome them.  Otherwise, age discrimination is over!

John Coffey is the President of JobTabs, LLC.  Through JobTabs Job Search & Resume, thousands of job seekers have taken control of their destiny in finding new and fulfilling careers.  JobTabs Job Search & Resume motivates job seekers by making the job search easier by a huge order of magnitude.  John Coffey can be reached via his website at JobTabs Job Search & Resume, by email via jpcoffey at, and by phone at 404-255-0248.


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