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January 2, 2009

The JobTabs Story

John Coffey of JobTabs Job Search & Resume

My name is John Coffey and I have the distinction of having been a professional job seeker.  For fifteen years I was an IT Contractor and made the process of landing a new job every three to twelve months part of my life.  I was generally pretty good at getting a new gig and then I learned how to be really good at getting a new gig.  Then I got even better.  Along the way, I also learned to be an expert programmer.  The convergence of these two skills formed the basis of JobTabs, LLC and this is my story.

In the summer of ’02, I was between contracts.  This was a rare thing for me as I was usually able to roll off of one contract and roll onto another.  It was almost like a game to me at times to see how well I could minimize down time between contracts.  However, in the midst of the dot com bust the IT market was in a state of turmoil.  Some friends of mine from my church were organizing a men’s Mastermind Alliance to serve as a job networking/support group for those who had been affected by the downturn.  I figured the camaraderie would be healthy and fun, so I decided to join them every week.

Wow.  What an eye opener.  It was as if I had been thrown back to my college days when I didn’t have a clue as to what to do to get a job.  The resumes were appalling.  What was worse is the sense of futility and complete lack of motivation.  While there were exceptions, many of the guys honestly weren’t sure what it was they were supposed to be saying.  It was as if their career to date had been some kind of accident and they really weren’t qualified to do anything other than what they had been doing for their former employer.  My exasperation with their despondency vaulted me to the position of Group Facilitator and I quickly set about guiding the group through a regimen of action.  The Mastermind Alliance was so successful that the attrition into new jobs was happening faster than we could find newly unemployed people to take their place.  The Mastermind Alliance disbanded within a year for lack of people looking for jobs.

One of the key elements of my success as a job seeker had been my ability to deliver a tailor made resume that really brought out everything the employer was looking for.  My networking skills and my ability to use information wisely were also huge assets.  I had written a computer program to manage this process and it evolved into an indispensable tool to my success in landing jobs.  In addition to delivering a bull’s eye resume with minimal effort, I was able to log every conversation with every recruiter, employer and networking contact I had worked with.  I was able to convert every job I had ever been considered for into a bevy of inside intelligence.  Even when I didn’t get a job offer, I was always able to get the names of the people who worked there, the type of project that was being undertaken, the hardware/software environment that was in place, the gist of the company culture, the money they were willing to pay – you name it.  In addition to helping me be a better candidate for future openings, it allowed me to help the other contacts in my network.  The more I helped others the more they helped me.  When my IT contracting peers asked me about this company or that, I could share information that they could never hope to find elsewhere.  Even if I didn’t have any intel on the company I would still jot down which job seeker was interviewing with which company.  By doing this, I would be able to refer my other networking contacts to them to get key information.  John Coffey kept tabs on everybody.  I will unabashedly state that this program was a cornerstone of my success.  After transitioning the program to a commercial grade product, the initial release in March of 2005 was focused on IT Contractors.  Before long, regular job seekers started trickling in and soon their numbers eclipsed the IT contractors who had been our target market.  Upon the release of JobTabs 2006, I abandoned any bias for contractors.


JobTabs Job Search & Resume - a game changing force in the job search space.JobTabs has been a tremendous success and an endeavor that has allowed me to grow in ways that I never expected it to.  JobTabs has evolved into Job Search & Resume Builder which is a job searching powerhouse.  The job seekers who employ JobTabs Job Search & Resume Builder are collectively known as the taberatti and they are a formidable force.  Your average job seeker is in contention for a job against someone,

  • who knows the people on the inside of the company or at the very least knows someone who knows someone on the inside,
  • who knows the details of the job beyond what is publicly posted,
  • who spent a fraction of the time qualifying himself as the ideal candidate the employer is looking for,
  • who is exuding all of the confidence of someone who has more options than this position alone.

Who do you think is going to have an advantage?  The taberatti are evolving as a game changing force in the job search space.  Look closely at JobTabs Job Search & Resume Builder and we believe you will agree.  Don’t reinvent the wheel.  Stand on the shoulders of the giants who have come before you.  You can join the taberatti by investing in a license via our online store at,

Alternatively, you can download a trial of JobTabs Job Search & Resume Builder by clicking

Welcome to our world.  Join us as we navigate one of the most emotionally draining endeavors you can expect to go through – the job search.


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